Supplemental Health Insurance means Cash Benefits. Helps pay deductible, coinsurance, and copays...or use it to pay your mortgage payment.

Accident: 24 hours and 7 days a week coverage for injuries. Benefits for doctor visits, emergency room, hospital admission as well as other covered medical expenses. Good for families with active children in sports, gymnastics, or dance. Adults riding motorcycles, driving daily on busy freeways, or attempting to win marathons, bike races, or the DIY house repair man or woman.
Cancer: Covers benefits upon diagnosis of internal cancer. Also, pays cash benefits above and beyond the coverage from your major medical insurance coverage.
Critical Illness: Lump sum benefit for a list of critical illnesses including heart attack and stroke.
Hospital Indemnity: Pays cash benefit for hospital admission and prolonged hospital stays for sickness or injury. This will help cover the hospital deductible with your major medical insurance plan. This plan will reduce and cover out of pocket medical costs from a serious illness or injury that requires a hospital stay.
Short-Term Disability: Referred to affectionately as "paycheck insurance". Insuring your livelihood is common sense especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Young women who are planning on having children could use this plan for maturnity leave benefits.
Long-Term Disability: For catastrophic loss in the ability to work for a long term period coverage usually for five years or extends to retirement age.
Dental: PPO covers 100% preventative. 80% basic, 50% major dental work. Also dental indemnity plans available with out of network coverage. Includes vision exam coverage. Eyeglasses or contact lenses benefit.
Group or Individual Life insurance: We offer term or whole life in groups. Indivdual in addition is an indexed universal life policy.
Looking for good coverage:

4 Simple Ways to Low Cost Health Insurance.

#1. If you are under a certain annual income based on your household size then you could qualify for a subsidy (financial help with your monthly premium cost) this is a low cost option for individual health insurance on the ACA marketplace. The health plans that usually contain the subsidy reduction is the Silver plan.
#2 The best option is to have access to group health insurance either through a spouse or through your workplace. This is the best option because the employer has to pay for at least 50% of the cost. Also. group plans usually have better coverage. #3 Alternative health insurance options are available outside of the ACA marketplace. These plans have maximum limitations, pre-existing exclusions, and seven of the ten minimum essential (MEC) coverages. However, the health plans are sufficient coverage for the average healthy American. The cost is less than one third the cost of the lowest cost of ACA marketplace plan. These plans include 20 annual doctor visits, hospital and other medical services are covered. #4 High deductible plan with supplemental health nsurance helps fill in the gaps and reduces the premium costs. Supplemental plans can pay a cash benefit with various companties such as Aflac or Colonal and it's a low cost way to help to pay a high deductible, coinsurance and copays..