Privacy Policy
Alyssa Macaluso is determined to protect the information that you provide. When you volunteer your information, it is stored on a secure server which is only accessed by a select group of Alyssa Macaluso employees.
This information is used solely for assessing customer requirements for insurance purposes, updating existing policies, or to apply requisite information to an application.
Alyssa Macaluso will also inactively collect non-identifiable personal data which is used for the purpose of improving the customer usability and overall quality of our website.
Once you enter your details and submit the Alyssa Macaluso form, you thereby agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If you don’t agree to any of these terms, please do not submit your details to Alyssa Macaluso or use this website.
Alyssa Macaluso will reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy as required. It is up to the client to regularly refer to this page and check for alterations or modifications in order to familiarize themselves with Alyssa Macaluso current practices. Alyssa Macaluso will always state policy changes on this page. The laws of the state of TX and the United States of America govern any legal obligation under this privacy policy, regardless of where the user is at the time of viewing this website.
Please remember that it is essential when purchasing a policy from Alyssa Macaluso that your details should be given to the insurance company, so that they may start the proceedings with the service.
It is possible that Alyssa Macaluso will use third party services when completing your order or for the purpose of validating your application. This is solely in order to provide you with this service and is essential to your application.
These third parties are prohibited by law from sharing your personal information or using it to promote or market their own business.